Polyester Webbing Slings, Round Slings, Endless Slings, Bag Slings, Thane, Mumbai, India

Polyester Webbing Slings belongs to the flexible lifting equipment....

  Polyester Webbing Slings
  Round Slings offer the user the ultimate in lifting security.....

  Round Slings / Endless Slings

By using high tensile polyester webbing or round lifting slings....

  Multi - Leg Polyester Slings
  Bag Sling - Width 200mm to 800mm.

  Bag Slings
  Mill top roller will be connected to planetary Gearbox..

  Coupling Polyester Rope
  Multi-leg chain slings, soft slings and combinations...

  Chain Pulley Block
Rabi Industries specialises in the field of lifting equipments, lashing equipments, hardware tools & other products. We offer the widest range of synthetic slings available in India.
All products are produced under strict standard of quality control, and constant research and development ensures that you are getting the latest products.
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Rabi Industries
Address :- 109, 2 nd Floor, New Modella Co-op Premises Soc. Ltd., Padwal Nagar, Wagle Estate Thane (W) 400 604. Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Tele :- 022- 2582 5088     /     Fax : 022- 2582 2819     /     Mobile : 09323797008
E-mail :- rabi_248@rediffmail.com
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