Coupling Polyester Ropes

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Mill top roller will be connected to planetary Gearbox by means of suitable Round Slings for Rope Coupling. It offers by way of substantial saving in power & life of bearing. It is a revolutionary concept of transmitting torque from Planetary or any gear to mill with substantial power savings. Polyester sling eliminates large bending moments & thrust generated from the axial & radial misalignment between gear & top roller. It will be accommodated in minimum space between Mill & Gear Shaft. In other words, a misalignment fully absorbed by rope coupling with Round Slings as a result no significant lateral thrust or bending moment is transmitted to the drive system.

Currently the Steel-Wire-Rope Coupling has been superseded by a ‚€œPolyester-Sling‚€Ě. These Round Slings are manufactured by 100 % High Tenacity Polyester Yarn, plays most important role in functioning Multi Mis-Alignment Rope Couplings (MMRS). Hence, most of the industries are replacing traditional use of Wire Ropes and metals shackles at their Shop floors. The right material is anti-corrosive, light-weight 100 % polyester. Main reason is Industrial Safety and protection to final product without any contamination to maintain the quality. The Round Sling for Rope Coupling is designed for strength, excellent abrasion resistance and minimum elongation.

  Polyester Coupling Rope Sling for Sugar Mills
Application :
Capacity 20 Ton --100 Ton
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