Glass Lifting Belt


We at Rabi Industries had done an extensive research and developed a type of lifting belt which is specialized to lift delicate items like glass round. The lifting belt is designed in such a way that the sharp edges of the glass is protected and the glass do not move around the facility during transit. The belt is provided with guards which protects the glass from any jerks or sudden movement . The belts are equipped to lift upto 3Ton, 4 Ton , 6 tons and 8 Tons upto 15 tons. The belts are always used in pairs on each side of the glass for better protection. Glass handling systems consist of special sleeves which can be detachable and are cut resistant.


  • - Safely handle large cases of glass.
  • - Load capacity up to 15 ton
  • - Abrasive sleeves on eyes.
  • - 500 mm long Sleeves.
  • - Can be customized as needed .